Caltanisetta – Majesty and Dereliction


Ethereal colours of an end of summer dawn at Piazza Garibaldi – Caltanisetta old town centre  David Bugeja (c) 2016


The Allied Invasion of Sicily and  the 1943  aerial bombardment could have happened here yesterday – Caltanisetta Old Town  David Bugeja (c) 2016


Passers by move on fast, oblivious of  the little rangefinder camera I’m using to document this city in decline  David Bugeja (c) 2016


My dear, how I love you… David Bugeja (c) 2016


Derelict old city dwelling  – sealed off once grandiose houses belonging to Caltanisetta’s fleeing nobility abound in the city’s centre  David Bugeja (c) 2016


And the dismal prospect only seems to get even worse as I dig deeper into the side street squalor of the old city quarters  David Bugeja (c) 2016


Hardly an uplifting view but the street lamp worked at night! I  sure thanked God for that as  I stumbled past pitch black alleys on my way back to Piazza Garibaldi  David Bugeja (c) 2016


Beats tramping around on foot especially after my one month old cancer surgeries, but no driver around  and no hitch hike in sight  David Bugeja (c) 2016


Reminded me of  the golden days when I rode pillion and helmetless on the streets of Old Delhi and Jaipur  David Bugeja (c) 2016


A window icon to the Blessed Virgin overlooks  two asbestos water tanks perched high above this old city street  David Bugeja (c) 2016

All Photographs Copyright (c) David Bugeja 2016

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