Cycling Bosnia – Potocari

Grief and Prayer David Bugeja (c) 2014

Grief and Prayer David Bugeja (c) 2014

She kneels and rises forcing herself upwards but never standing straight.

Her head is lowered and her shoulders stooped.

Eyes shut tight as she stares blindly at the mat she’s standing on barefooted.

Grieving. Praying.

Never rescinding her love and never letting go.

How could she? How could she ever forget daughter and husband? And their little boy and girl…

She sees them all. That’s why this place is so special. It helps her to remember how things were once.

Yes, she sees them still but it’s only in her dreams now that they’re back all together as one family sitting at the candlelit oak table for dinner.

Sultry night and the silent forest shut out by the hefty pine door protecting them.

All of the family safe inside the house –

Daughter chiding husband for always coming in late from the fields…

Shrieking kids, wild with joy – pinching each other’s arms into welts and bruises and rolling and tumbling on the mat, arms and legs entwined…

Kids on vacation with  all summer stretching on ahead of them – two whole months of play in the fields and the forested hills.

Why shouldn’t the kids be joyful? Such a wonderful life with mum and dad and grandma.

And this happiness together –  it shan’t be just this summer but it shall be so next summer too and the summer after that and over and over again…

How could it ever be any different from this happiness of one family gathered together round the table for dinner before sleep ?

All Text and Photographs Copyright (c) David Bugeja 2014


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