Gozo by Bicycle


David Bugeja Copyright 2017

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Gregale Storm Versus Fort St Elmo

View of Sliema Tigne seafront from Fort St. Elmo Bay, Marsamxett Harbour, Valletta  David Bugeja (c)2016

Less than  a hundred metres still to go on Triq il-Lanca  beneath the St. Gregory Bastion – go clear and I’d have rounded Valletta’s extremest seaward point, skirting a full circle around the Valletta fortifications surrounding Upper Fort St.Elmo.

But I was forced to turn back.

I’d have been straight out of my mind pushing on forward and rushing the gauntlet with the monster waves crashing in all around me – shooting up seventy foot columns of spray against the fort’s perimeter walls and flooding the puny rock I was perching upon.


Move on forward to Valletta’s seaward tip at Fort St.Elmo and  I’d have been cut off from a safe retreat back on Triq il-Lanca along the French curtain David Bugeja (c) 2016

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Castille Square – Valletta Carnival 2016


David Bugeja (c) 2016

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Valletta in Pictures


Houses of Parliament  David Bugeja (c) 2016

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Valletta Carnival 2016


David Bugeja (c) 2016

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Till Death Do Us Part – A Strange Story of Animal Love and Human Friendship


The way it was  – Lawrence and Chris sharing a special moment on Christmas Day  David Bugeja (c) 2016

Lawrence died at 4 a.m. on Monday. It was a good death. He gasped and croaked and flopped down from the coat rail to the bottom of the wardrobe. No signs of a prolonged struggle or drawn out pain. Not one plucked out feather, nor even a spattering of coagulated blood marked the point where the bird struck wood. Indeed he must have already been dead the moment he slipped off the rail. Read More

Colours of Sliema


Tigne Point David Bugeja (c) 2015

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Gozo’s Cliffs by Bicycle


Ras il-Wardija – Carrying the bike along the gravel paths crowning the cliffs is hard work David Bugeja (c) 2015

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Valletta Fortifications

Enter the suburbs – The old railway at Floriana David Bugeja (c) 2015

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Old road through the Marsa docks

Albert Town, Marsa. Walk straight past  the rowdy Tiger Bar for fifty metres and enter the docks at Triq il-Bacir. Yes,  this road is finally open and you can now trek all of the way along the quayside to Corradino Heights  three miles away.

Make sure you watch your step as you tramp across oil and grit and step over juddering steel planks bridging the deep dug trenches slicing up the road – clang of steel on stone as the trucks and cranes and passenger cars snake along the quay, inching forward at ten miles per hour.

Take a first glance and the road is one hell of a dismal sight. But just care to scrutinize the cracked open and crumbling stone walls  of abandoned shipping firm buildings and take time to peer at the derelict factories petered along the way.

Gouged out glass. Empty, rusted frames of smashed in windows light up the guts of sprawling, corrugated iron warehouses fenced off from the road by NO ENTRY signs.

Room with a view! David Bugeja (c) 2014

Room with a view! David Bugeja (c) 2014

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