With a folding bike to Medugorje

Sunrise over Kruzevac, Cross Mountain, Medugorje  David Bugeja (c) 2018


The way I travelled to Medugorje – Cycling from Vibo Valentia to San Eufemia Lamezia along the SS18 on the Tyrrhenian coast.  David Bugeja (c) 2018


Bagnara Calabra, Calabria  David Bugeja (c) 2018


San Marco Argentano, Calabria  David Bugeja (c) 2018


San Marco Argentano old town centre, Calabria  David Bugeja (c) 2018


My longest journey so far with my seven year old Dahon Vitesse P18 – almost 3000 kilometres from Valletta to Medugorje and back.  David Bugeja (c) 2018


Bosnia – I took this Prozor street picture at dawn from my room’s window at Motel Rama – I had cycled down the 1050 metre mountain pass (in the background) the previous day.  David Bugeja (c) 2018


Sunset, Trebinje, Bosnia  David Bugeja (c) 2018


Bosansko Hercegovacka Monastery, Trebinje, Bosnia  David Bugeja (c) 2018


Kruzevac, Medugorje  David Bugeja (c) 2018

 All Photographs Copyright (c) David Bugeja 2018

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